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27 days ago1.52 GB917614
4 months ago719.37 MB750507
Last Month4.04 GB7199,332
4 months ago709.7 MB687471
Last Month9.53 GB494546
Last Month1.2 GB448143
4 months ago2.45 GB41865
Last Month1.89 GB40670
Last Month2.26 GB2871,319
Last Month1.39 GB265597
13 days ago1.4 GB22315
Last Month2.38 GB20231
3 months ago1.37 GB198622
Last Month9.2 GB18514
Last Month41.23 GB176106
Last Month979.21 MB16741
Last Month1.37 GB14822
Last Month2.85 GB14238
2 months ago905.22 MB140173
Last Month9.6 GB139724
Last Month9.12 GB13615
6 days ago7.94 GB135117
Last Month3.18 GB129516
30 days ago441.97 MB12582
14 days ago1.97 GB12311
Last Month446.47 MB12024
Last Month1.88 GB11828
Last Month1.98 GB11621
20 days ago1.89 GB11317
Last Month4.29 GB111863
Last Month804.17 MB110330
Last Month2.5 GB108240
28 days ago2.23 GB10759
Last Month1.36 GB100255
Last Month3.89 GB9268
5 days ago1.46 GB9112
Last Month2.69 GB878
Last Month1.39 GB8436
Last Month1.51 GB824
Last Month8.56 GB8214
29 days ago6.02 GB81110
Last Month1.37 GB784
Last Month3.21 GB77146
Last Month385.31 MB76136
2 months ago865.58 MB75130
3 months ago506.1 MB7413
Last Month19.04 GB72254

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