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Welcome back to my channel today i am pairing up with a very exciting partner and that is selfie skin so this is for your at home ipl which is essentially like laser treatment what you go and get at a beauty salon but the benefit of this product is that you can do it all yourself at home so i’m going to go through the whole product and show you guys the unboxing how i use it and what i think about it and also i’m gonna check back in in about a month or two and show you some of my results now if you’re new here just a quick reminder don’t forget to hit that subscribe button i put up new videos every single week now let’s get into looking at this product so this is the packaging that it comes in from a selfie skin which i thought was really cute so it’s an ipl laser hair removal at home handset which if you have been in lockdown this year like many of us have you probably missed all of your beauty appointments so i have got lazy done before i’ve got it on my underarms and in my bikini area but i had my last appointment in march 2020 because everything was shut for a really long time and a lot of my appointments got cancelled so my hair has kind of started to grow back in those areas because if you’ve done laser before you would know that you have to do a certain amount at the beginning like you usually go once every four weeks for a period of six months and then after that you can just kind of maintain it by like going back every now and then but because i missed all of those maintenance sessions i’m kind of almost back at square one which is a little bit frustrating but since i now have this product this will save me a lot of time and money because i should be able to do this for myself at home now something important that you should know with laser is it does work better on dark hair so obviously i am a brunette which i am a little bit lucky and not lucky in that respect i think if you are blonde or you know have a lighter hair color then you probably don’t see as many of the hairs on your body like on my arms or sometimes on my face even just on my legs when the hairs start to grow back so it’s i think it’s a really great to be able to get laser done but just remember that if you’re fair head it might take a lot longer for you to see results or you might have to use a higher strength which could be a little bit more painful so it’s definitely at best that you go on frequently asked questions at selfie skin and you can find out all about this so here are some of the other benefits of the product it can be used on any area of your body it’s safe on sensitive skin and it just uses a splash technology so this can be used for up to 300 000 flashes which is probably going to last you until you’ve got your results anyway so that is excellent so inside of the box this is what you’ll receive you’ve got the handset here which has the rose gold button that you push and then this is the connection to the wall so with these two items so this is the first one so you can see the front here this is the laser part where the light will actually come out and then this back end is the fan because again if you’ve had lace done before you would know that it has a little bit of heat so they usually have a fan in their machines to cool you down while you’re getting it done and this has the exact same thing just built into a portable device to me the best thing about getting laser done is just simply the fact that you have smooth skin and no ingrown hairs i think under the underarms and particularly in the bikini area you can often if you’re shaving get ingrown hairs and it’s really uncomfortable it kind of looks not so great and they can become really itchy or inflamed during the warmer months so i wanted laser as a solution to that problem i’ve never actually had it done to my legs so purely because actually it was too expensive so i mean having a device like this is perfect because it means i can now do my legs from home as well which will just be one less area that i have to do shaving for too now just a slight bit of further information regarding the suitability of this product for you guys so if you have very a dark skin unfortunately this will not be safe for you so here is the skin tone chart so you can check your suitability and this one down here is also regarding particular hair colors and whether or not this will also be suitable now i’m definitely no expert in using a at home device this is the first time i’ve ever had this kind of product but this is so well made i think this is such a beautiful product it’s clearly got high quality bits and pieces and it also comes with this entire manual explaining absolutely everything you need to know so i’m gonna have a good read of this and i will get back to you guys with the first step by the way i literally just learned what ipl stands for it is intense pulsed light so as the ipl window flashes the light waves are absorbed by the dark pigment in your skin which is your hair and when that energy hits the dark pigment it’s then converted to heat which causes damage to the hair follicle causing it to fall out so that’s a fun little fact for you guys because i definitely didn’t know that this is literally how i felt when i found out that ghd hair straighteners stands for good hair day like i owned one of those for years and i just thought it was a random acronym i had absolutely no idea that it stood for good hair day so step one is to prepare your skin so i’ve already shaved my legs and i’ve also shaved my bikini area and my underarms so i like to do this the night before going to any kind of laser session but i guess you could also do it on the day of i think it’s good if you don’t have overly sensitive skin then that would be fine but if you do i would definitely try and do it the night before so you don’t have a freshly shaved area that you’re applying a laser to and the next thing we’re gonna do is go and plug this in and then we can select our intensity levels so this has an intensity level ranging from one to five in my opinion the course of the hair the stronger you kind of need so sometimes unfortunately on your bikini area you will turn the intensity up whereas the underarm hair is usually pretty soft and one of the first areas that it just kind of falls out straight away so let’s go and plug this in and we will have a go alrighty so step two i am now going to plug this device in i am sitting on the floor of my room because there is a power point just behind me alrighty so let’s plug this in and we’ll give it a go and get it started up so here it is it’s just switched on and now i just have to hold the power button down for three seconds now i don’t know if you can see but it’s just got one red dot on which means that’s intensity level one i have a pretty low pain tolerance but i definitely do want this to be an effective treatment so i will just try this one first off because i don’t want to give myself a shock if it’s way too strong but i think just depending on your individual needs your experience with ipl and literally just your actual pain tolerance then you can adjust this up as you go along just another quick reminder as well do not look into the light this is actually a laser so you don’t want to damage your eyes you could actually wear sunglasses when you’re doing this treatment if you wanted to but otherwise just avoid looking directly at the light in the end of the unit [Applause] okay so i’ve just given this a go and i can confirm intensity level one is not painful at all in fact you can barely feel it so for me i am going to turn that up a little bit so you just hit the power button and you can go up so i’m gonna go to intensity level three and that is what i’m going to use to treat my legs now i’m also going to give intensity level 3 a go on my arm i think i will just be avoiding this side area because i have a small tattoo so just bear in mind if you have any tattoos you shouldn’t laser over the top of them i think that can actually damage the pigment in the skin now one thing i will say after just using that even looking away the actual flash from the laser was a very bright so i will definitely be wearing a pair of sunglasses which are properly rated when i’m doing this treatment in future i just really don’t want to in any way damage my eyes or give myself a headache or something from the bright flashing light so i would recommend actually putting on some sunglasses when you’re doing this just to protect your eyes all in all i think this is actually an incredible little product i’m really looking forward to seeing some results especially on my legs because like i said my underarms i’ve already had laser treatment so i wouldn’t expect to see such a massive change in using it on that area whereas my legs i’ve never had any laser done at all so i will do a little before and after and thank you guys so much for watching i hope you liked this video and this helped you decide if you want to invest in a little at home ipl machine this one from selfie skin is not only really affordable but it also feels incredibly high quality and it is available on adore beauty or directly from the selfie skin website i’m going to link all of that down below so that you guys can find it if you’re interested but yeah look if you have any more questions or if i didn’t quite cover anything then please let me know in the comments below but otherwise get in touch with the team at selfie skin they can answer all of your questions and they’re really responsive on both their instagram and their website thank you guys so much for watching and i will see you in the next video bye yay ain’t nobody calling my phone up just to make sure i get home safe and sound yeah i’m pretty sure if i fall down and don’t get up nobody would care yet don’t wanna be alone anymore so i might as well sleep with the doors

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