Does IPL Removal Really Work?

Does IPL Removal Really Work?

I am going to talk about our leg, hair update. As you know, my legs actually used to look like this at the beginning of quarantine and i decided not to shave them.

Question is, does IPL removal really work 6 months later? I decided to ipl them off with this new device that every influencer and their mom and their mom’s. Best friend’s, secret santa decides to promote, because i wanted to see if it’s actually worth it and what the long term results are.

And you see my leg used to be as hairy as this christmas tree. It’s been a couple of months. It’s, been over 15 treatments, the full treatment is 12. and i want to share with you what has happened to my tree trunks and what i think of this device overall as a little reminder of what they started as um, they started off um i don’t want to say abhorrent. They were, they started off biologically fruitful. Let us say – and i decided that as a woman with autonomy, i could decide what i did or did want to do with my body hairs, and this little kenzi device is supposed to be an alternative to the ipl lasers that you can do in clinic.

Does IPL Removal Really Work? 6 Months Later

Full transparency, as always what you get in clinic, will have different settings that the practitioner can use in order to. Actually, you know, lose your hair properly and if you do have dark skin and dark hair.

This is not a treatment for you. The way it works is that this little light tries to detect contrast. So if you have lighter skin and darker hair um, you obviously have a lot of contrast and if you’re, someone who has very light skin and very pale hair.

This isn’t going to be for you and if you do have dark skin and dark hair, it’s, not going to find that contrast. It’s, not going to work that’s when you want to go in office for something like a yag laser um that a practitioner can actually use on you.

The really key point for me is that one treatment in office costs between 300 and 600 dollars and if you get multiple treatments, you’re. Looking at packages of a couple thousand and especially everything is closed during quarantine, and on top of that, if this is 300, it is expensive.

But is this worth trying at home to see if i like it and then, if i need touch-ups, i can go in salon or can this replace the salon and hopefully replace the shaving razors, because they are little plastic demons that give me ingrown hairs and it’s so hard to find a cruelty-free razor me no likey! So me did this as a reminder.

You do not need to use safety glasses, i believe in protecting my retinas. I have these so why not put them to use, but the way this works is that it doesn’t flash unless it is pressed tightly to the skin and as a reminder, this is not a laser.

Has different settings has a different cooling mode and you want to use this over shaved legs. As you can see, i haven’t shaved, mine because i want to show you how it actually works, but you press it flush to the skin and you can pull and you can do continual.

So i’m, holding the button down and just moving up slowly or you can do this in one area or the other, and as you can see, i have forgotten this little patch of skin on quite the regular basis. So the whole idea is that this was supposed to save me time from regular shaving and to an extent it has because the hair has grown back a little bit thinner and a little bit sparser.

However, i still spend you know time doing these treatments and that’s. The whole thing is that, if i can do these not in the shower, while i’m sitting watching my favorite youtubers listening to a podcast, you name it, then i feel like that’s better than being stuck in the shower.

You know being freezing because i turn off the water, because i try to be somewhat sustainable and semi-conscious of my water consumption. So overall it does save me time from shaving because, as you can see, if i don’t shave, the hair does grow back thicker and faster, or i guess you would just call this normal.

Whereas on the kenzie leg, you can see areas that it still grows back, but it doesn’t grow back as quick and it doesn’t seem to grow back as thick either and the kenzi. For me. It’s. Completely painless, you can adjust the settings so overall, it does save me time.

Shaving, because i don’t have to shave as often in between, and there is less hair. However, you do still have to do things. You still have to do this. The goal is that this will be long term and permanent, for hopefully the rest of my life.

We’ll, see how it goes, or after six months or a year uh to be continued and to be updated. But overall, this is something that i feel for me is worth the money and that i do continue to do because again, if i can do this, while i’m watching tv instead of being stuck in the shower with the water, you know not Running because i’m trying to be sustainable, freezing my butt off um and it’s a positive and again, if i try to flash suit you, it won’t flash um again it only flashes when it’s flushed to the skin and it does flash every time, even though i know sometimes the camera picks it up and actually now that we’re kind of talking about that.

Let’s. Talk about why this is not a laser, because this is called ipl and i actually have a flashlight and a laser pointer to demonstrate so come with me. Oh also, might i recommend it’s, the little things in life.

They have a hell of a long cord. So, like i can do this, i mean we can make this a christmas decoration if we really wanted to it’s like what yeah, i guess it’s, the not so little things. Then it’s, the not so little things it’s, the long things i’m.

Just thinking honestly, i can like stretch this across a couch. I can stretch it across my bed and it actually works for me. That is something that i do find very convenient and very appreciated. Don’t.

You too miss bucky, miss buckyboo. This could be the angel at the top of the tree. An angel named kenzie christmas decorations. I feel so in the spirit. Essentially, as we know, light lives on the electromagnetic spectrum and what we can actually see is a very small section of visible white and laser technologies or ipl technologies.

These hair removal technologies utilize the light from this spectrum to kill the little papilla. The part of the hair that actually is nourished by blood and by nutrients and that way, hopefully it don’t grow back no more, but we’ll.

See about that. So here’s, an example of a laser, as you can see it’s, a laser pointer, it is very, very targeted and it is set at a very specific wavelength again. This is what’s used in office. This is what’s used in laser therapies; it can be used elsewhere on the face and body etc.

Now ipl is intense pulse light, so it’s more like this flashlight it’s, a wider variety of wavelengths, as opposed to just one – and this is what’s, actually targeting the papilla and killing it as well.

Now again, these different modalities can do different things. We’re talking acne scarring, we’re. Talking hair removal, we’re, talking all sorts of things, but when used at home, you are able to do this safely and that’s.

Essentially what these kenzies these handheld devices are claiming to do. Bucky. Do you want to play with the laser laser kitty? Laser kitty fat kitty exercise how to exercise your cat one how to get her dizzy? I know that a lot of people are afraid of lasers.

If you are getting it done by a licensed professional. You do not have to be afraid. Laser at home can be dangerous. Um, the kenzie device is ipl, which again is different and it is non-radiation. So if you are worried about radiation, you don’t have to be um.

Did you know fun fact that your hair dryers and electric toothbrushes actually give you more radiation than ambient radiation? So if you didn’t know now, you know, let me grab this though, and let’s actually talk about the results.

What actually happened, because you know that i’m, a critic and a skeptic, and they say that you get results in like two weeks. That was not the case for me when i first started using this, i looked at what other influencers were promoting and i was like: did y ‘

All lie to me: is this a scam? I got extraordinarily concerned because i wasn’t seeing results and i was tracking my hair growth. Over every single week i was showing when i shaved, when i ipl’ed and trying to track that progress now for me it took.

I would say between four six and eight weeks that i actually saw anything by six and eight weeks. I was like okay. I actually see this working, but it took up until week four for me to actually compare the before and afters and see any change and again maybe that’s.

My hair rate, i’m, not trying to call other influencers liars. Everyone’s, hair grows differently, and i just think that’s important because our bodies are beautiful, but they are unique and we need to manage those expectations.

The one biggest thing is that when i do shave my legs, i forgot how much i get ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are basically you have your skin and hairs grow out of them. When you are waxing or tweezing, you’re, pulling that hair out completely, and it has to regrow that’s.

Why it takes longer when you’re shaving, it’s kind of like trimming, the grass. So you’re, basically shaving. All of these little hairs off now with ipl, we’re doing neither. This is again why you can’t wax or tweeze.

You have to shave because again it’s targeting the melon and it’s, targeting the pigment or the contrast between the hair and the skin. So when this goes in and when it flashes, it actually kills the papilla or the bottom part of the hair where it grows and the hair is actually able to come out and fall off.

But unfortunately, shaving can cause ingrowns. And that is something that i have experienced now with the kenzie i’m, hoping that it’s, going to get better because when you don’t shave, you don’t get the ingrowns, but as you Can see i get these little dark spots and i get these little dark patches that do remain and um.

You know. That is something that, if i never shaved my legs, i probably wouldn’t have to deal with as much, and i think that’s, important to point out and um. You know the fact that it actually grows back more sparse.

It grows back less quickly, um, it is pretty amazing and again i shaved these both at the same time, and you can see that this entire leg has grown back. You know thinner, sparser and a little bit less hairy than its counterpart.

You can actually see. Do you see where i skip parts on my knee like i can’t, get this part um and you can add the seal over it exactly it. Doesn’t like it. Doesn’t, go properly, or even right here on this kind of bony area of the leg.

As you can see, it’s harder for me to get or kind of here by the ankle and because it’s harder for me to get. I haven’t, been treating those areas and you can kind of see actually how they grow back. Um and again, i am naturally a critic and a skeptic.

I kind of thought influencers were lying to me and it was like the 6 8 10 and probably around 10, that i actually saw my before and after results. So now i’ve, probably done between 16 and 20 um, and i’m trying to see how it grows back and overall, i am pleased again.

Is it expensive? Yes, kenzie was kind enough to give us a coupon code. If that is something that genuinely interests you again, i want to make sure that you are a candidate that it’s, actually something that would help you um and that, if you want that, then the code is available.

I think it gives you 50 off um and they were kind enough to give that to you. But i don’t get any commission on that. They are sponsoring the video. But, of course, that does not take away from literally my before and afters, which you can see and judge for yourself.

But that being said, if it’s helpful help yourself do not give this as a christmas gift. If someone did not specifically ask about it or if someone has not disclosed their body hair and have that conversation with you, it’s.

Offensive get this for yourself, make yourself a hairy, little twiggy christmas tree and then wrap the cord around yourself. Like a magical angel um, but unless someone is specifically asked, i would say this is a gift for you.

This is a gift for your best friend who you have helped wax armpits with before um and, yes, it can be used on the armpit area. It can be used on the groin area. I haven’t done that it can be used on the face.

I haven ‘ T done that you know in ipl in clinic. We can actually use it for wrinkles. We can use it for capillaries that are broken. We can use it for acne, acne scars, ipl and laser have many different uses that are available.

I don’t want to misrepresent things. I have not tried this on my face. I have not tried this over acne over capillaries over scars or redness um. I can’t say, but hopefully, if there’s, someone in the comments who has seen that please let us know i don’t believe that the product claims to do that.

But um you know. Is it an added side effect and side benefit for some, perhaps but overall um after this experience? What are my final thoughts like? What do i think, um again hoping that this is going to be semi-permanent to permanent in office? You can expect an 80 reduction of hair.

I definitely see it growing back sparser and it definitely grows back less thick um. My goal is to say goodbye to razors for good. We’ll, see what happens. I might start doing this leg just because i want to, and i might test it on my armpit or on other areas of my body if that is of interest.

So please leave a comment and tell me what you would like to see. Overall, i do plan to keep using this. So does ipl hair removal work permanently? I will continue updating you most of my updates right now happen on instagram and snapchat, so come say hi, because i’ve been posting a lot of content on instagram because i am a child of the internet.

Another thing that you should not forget is that they do have a money back guarantee, and this is not something that they have told me to talk about, but i think this is very important. They want you to take before and after pictures of you using the product and seeing whether or not it works.

I think this is important, because if it doesn’t work, you can get a full refund. I am naturally a critic and a skeptic, and i like to save money where i can and if you can get this and if you take pictures and you don’t see results.

Please send it back to them and tell them um, because they are doing that, and i think that that’s fair. It’s a little bit tricky because they do want you to take pictures, but again with skin care with hair removal.

I do always recommend taking photos, because if i didn’t take photos of my before and after by four to six weeks, i wouldn’t have seen results. I would have been like nothing’s happening because when you look at your own legs or when you look at your own reflection in the mirror, it’s kind of hard to tell so.

Please take those photos. Please take those before and after pictures and if you get this and it doesn’t work return it for your full money and then either go explore in office ipl or just continue to shave.

Your legs, isn’t that right, miss bucky, a bucky. Do you want hair removal? Bucky? Okay always remember to be youtiful both inside and out, hit that like and subscribe button, because they really help out the youtube algorithm to help other people find educating entertaining and empowering content for free.

I love you beautiful butterflies. I hope that you’re. Having a great day and miss buckmoister fullerene, and i cannot wait to see you in the next video love – you guys bye,

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