i tried laser hair removal at home | IPL hair removal device

I tried laser hair removal at home | IPL hair removal device

in one of my previous videos i told you that i wanted laser hair removal turns out i can’t afford it so i turn into the next best thing at home laser hair removal hello guys welcome back to my channel my name is nadia olivares and i want to be a bald because i’m i you know why not so unfortunately my internship salary is not gonna sustain that lifestyle that i want so i decided i’m gonna get an at-home ipl hair removal device because i wanted laser hair removal at the clinic right but i didn’t realize how expensive it was gonna be for a full body like girl like i’m not a trophy wife yet i mean i mean i’m not a career woman yet so i wanted to try something like this to see if it actually works i know that it’s not gonna completely and permanently remove my hair a lot of people say that it reduced their hair growth so that’s our goal and we’re gonna use this in every inch of our body except i didn’t really i don’t know if i want to do my back because like i don’t know how to reach back there i will reach the other back if you know what i’m saying anyway so i have this today it’s from roskin co and i was doing a lot of research about ipl devices and different brands but they all seem to be selling the same stuff like we all know this is made like in china you know but they’re selling at different prices they have different companies they’re all honestly going to be the same a lot of girls like the kenzie and i honestly think this and the kenzie which is a little bit more expensive and also devices you get from amazon which is like really it’s like way more affordable are the same like they’re gonna do the same thing um i think with kenzie they just have really good marketing girl they just love really good marketing that’s why all these youtubers are using kenzie because they have good marketing honey so if you didn’t know laser hair removal like literal laser is different from ipl ipl i think it’s just intense anyway it’s intense pulse light i was also looking at it was called the tria and the trio has actual lasers that you can do at home but damn it’s so tiny it’s going to take me years to like do like one arm anyway so laser hair removal at the clinic is so expensive it’s like they want an arm and a leg to laser an arm and a leg so this is what i chose today it looks like this oh my gosh it’s actually kind of cute the packaging is actually really good and let’s open it up alrighty ladies and gentlemen so this is the box and so let us open it up so the packaging is really nice i have foam here they have just a bunch of manuals and stuff things that you should probably read that i should probably read so they got a power cord and the device itself okay so this is what it looks like big button little button okay so the reason that i wanted laser hair removal is because i think it’s going to make my life easier first of all but i also have like kp or like kiertos polaris which is kind of like chicken skin and i heard a lot of people trace it with laser but i want to see if they can treat it with ipl when i was watching a youtube oh my god when i was watching a youtube video someone claimed that it kind of diminished their age spots which is kind of like i guess kind of like freckles so i want to see if it works on my skin this is what it looks like can you see that i have to do like this kind of hand here so yesterday at two in the morning i did shave my entire body it was a struggle so i literally shaved my entire body and if you watched what is it called my my older like hair removal videos i showed you how to shave you guys know how to shave right it’s not that difficult and i will demonstrate with the cap on okay so this is a new razor and i’ll go like very easy but yeah i shaved my entire body my arms which was like who wants to shave their arms my legs okay it says here always take pictures prior to shaving i didn’t do that oh no i did but only my legs repeat these steps once a week for up to 12 weeks so it comes with a user guide which is what we should probably all use because we’re dumb okay so here’s the deal if you have really dark skin unfortunately it might not work for you because this picks up pigment so if you have really dark skin it’s just going to like pulse the entire thing and you’re probably going to burn your skin also if you have blonde hair it probably won’t work for you either since it picks up pigment and if your hair doesn’t have pigment it can’t detect it it’s hard to say it’s not discrimination it’s just science is it science yeah it’s just science okay i think we got it i think we got it okay so how do you use this let’s test this out real quick and hi can you see me okay so we got our device plugged in it’s blinking green so you press this button to change the intensity oh she’s moaning so if you keep pressing this button it changes the intensity okay so this is one let’s try one where should we where should we try it first because i also shaved my knuckles because i have some hairy ass knuckles i remember in grade seven you know how sometimes you would like compare hands with somebody i was comparing it so stupid i was comparing hands to the guy i liked at the time and he didn’t he didn’t have hairy hands i had hairier hands in him let’s do um a sore hand before hands okay here i go i’m scared i’m scared i am scared okay i’m gonna do my knuckles because i have some hairy ass knuckles no i’ll do my hand first so low juices okay here we go okay it’s fine it’s fine it was hot it was like of like a little bit of heat i think how do you see that okay so it just feels just like a pulse of like light heat maybe i can even do more i don’t know that’s kind of hot already i think if you press this it’ll just go yeah if you just hold it i’ll just do it for you oh i like this let me do my knuckles should i just do it once only that’s one hand done honey boo did it work maybe i’ll should i should i try two let’s try two all right change the intensity to two baby girl here we go it’s a little bit hotter now yeah okay so what i like about this is that the light won’t pulse unless it’s in contact with your skin so it’s not going to go off if it doesn’t like sense that it’s on the surface of your skin there’s also three modes to this this stamp mode which you can just press the button for individual pulses the glide mode which you hold down on the button and you just slide it across your skin and the auto mode which you hold down the button and then you can like let go of it and it just automatically pulses for you so you’re not holding on to it for the entire time i think i can go up to three let’s do three girl okay this one here oh it’s hot oh let’s try my arms like the arm with the kp bro it’s really hot i shouldn’t look at it right you know sometimes when you have a flabby arm you can just kind of like maneuver it with your knee oh that one would hurt me hold on a minute my eyes let me put some sunglasses because i don’t want to hurt my eyes why do i keep looking at it okay you guys do not look directly at it like that’s what i did i don’t know i couldn’t help it but it actually hurts your eyes and it’s really bright like it’s so bad for your eyes man don’t look at it put some sunglasses on like me but yeah like don’t don’t go blind for this i think when it’s coarser your hair is coarser it hurts more oh my god i can’t even imagine like what your coochie is going to feel like oh something smells like it’s burning so i just finished doing my limbs and my belly and honestly i also did my quiche cooch and the coochie couch kinda hurt honestly this actually does sting i can only do up to three for right now but there is a burning smell up in here and that is my hair follicle i think but other than that it was a good first time and i feel like i really want to keep going obviously at least once a week um to see if it actually works i like the device the device itself is actually really good it does get a little bit warm but it’s not too bad you can probably rest it for a minute or so i think it’s a pretty good quality product for now as a first impression but we’ll see how long it lasts it’s supposed to be like a lifetime of flashes and i will keep updating you guys if you want an update on my laser hair removal at home and i also want to see if it helps my kp that’s everything i have for you guys i hope you enjoyed my video stay tuned for my updates and i’ll see you guys in my next video bye guys take care you

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