Is This The Best Ever IPL Hair Removal at Home?

What is IPL Hair Removal at Home

I’m doing a product review. Is This The Best Ever IPL Hair Removal at Home?

Specifically, i’m, going to be reviewing um this bad boy for my IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal at home. I figured this would be a helpful review to do because i know a lot of people such as myself, especially in the summer, are looking for alternative modes of hair removal and ideally ones that are kind of On the cheaper side, but also long lasting with a good intensed pulsed light, so i thought an ipl video would be a perfect thing to do because during lockdown, maybe your salon was closed.

Maybe you weren’t able to get your laser treatments or your waxing or whatever you’ve done, and this could be a really good alternative, for future lockdowns hi guys. So today i’m, going to talk about hair removal during the apocalypse and which option is right for you or just um, a really good day-to-day alternative for your hair removal and answer any questions does ipl hair removal work?

So once again, this is the braun silk expert, five ipl device. It was also marketed as the gillette venus silk expert, and i think it was just a collaboration between the two brands. The only aspect of this that really made it gillette was the little plastic razor that they also threw in the box.

There Are so Many IPL Hair Removal Devices

So, at the end of the day, it is a good product in fact one of the best ipl hair removal devices. Now there are a lot of different ipl devices on the market, but the reason i bought the braun device specifically is because i really wanted to buy one from a well-renowned razer company, at least in my opinion, i would feel a lot safer buying a hair removal Device from a company that specializes in hair removal devices that would really narrow it down to either like the philips one i think it’s called the philips lumia or the bronze devices.

So this is not the most recent version. They do have the bronze silk expert 5 pro it’s either the expert pro 5 or the expert 5 pro. But that one is, i think, a good 100 more than this one, so that’s. Why i bought this guy and i believe i bought this online for 349 canadian dollars, and i know some of you hearing that are going to be like whoa, that’s, that’s, an investment that’s expensive, especially For something that you don’t know 100, if it’s, gonna work for you, which i totally get my biggest motivation for deciding to invest in a device like this was because i have tried insulin laser treatments before and i Personally, didn’t, see very good results. Also some people worry about ipl hair removal side effects, so i figured if i can buy a device like this for 349 dollars and use it all over my body and see any sort of result.

That would be a better investment, hey guys. This is me coming at you from my editing desk. I just want to quickly explain something that i feel is very important that i did mention when i was recording this video, but i feel like i can explain it better now and i also feel like this is very overlooked in a lot of the youtube reviews.

I’ve seen so i wanted to explain it essentially. Is this the best ever IPL Hair Removal at Home?

The way ipl works is that, rather than directly targeting the hair follicle, the broadband light that it uses is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle.

Most Potential Buyers Ask Does IPL Hair Removal Work?

And then this light energy is transformed into heat energy, which effectively damages the hair follicle and prevents hair regrowth. The key word here, though, is melanin, so if you have really light body hair, because your body hair, isn’t melonated, an ipl device will not be effective in destroying your hair follicle and it overall, just won’t really work for You and then, if you have dark skin, because your skin is melonated, the broadband light will not only be absorbed by the hair follicle, but it will also be absorbed by your surrounding skin and best case scenario.

This just means the device won’t, be that effective, but worst case scenario. You may actually receive burns from the device. So this is one thing i really like about my braun device is that in the pamphlet it came with this chart that really shows the ideal skin and hair colors in order for this device to be effective.

So, as you can see, if you have really light body hair across the board, regardless of your skin tone, the device will not be effective and similarly, if you have dark skin regardless of your hair color, the device will not be effective.

So just keep this in mind because i have seen some of these instagram ipo brands that have been advertising with models of darker skin and they haven ‘ T really been mentioning this, which i think is a very important aspect to ipl.

So do your research be safe because i don’t want you guys, buying a device that won’t, be effective for you or even worse, buying a device that may actually damage your skin? Okay. Before i start using it, i just want to acknowledge two things.

The first thing is that the instruction manual for the device does suggest wearing sunglasses, while using it um. My first uses of this thing i did find it very bright, especially if you’re doing it during the evening in like a darker lit room.

It is quite bright to the eye. However, i think i’ve, just gotten used to it and also, as you can see, i’m doing it during the daytime, so it’s, a lot less strong. Second, being i’m sure some of you are very curious.

Is this painful um? No? Well, yes, and no! I would say that it is not painful if you’re, just one overing an area, so you’ll see. I’ll, go over my armpit that won’t, be painful. It gets painful when you really focus in on an area.

If you’ve had waxing done it’s, nothing compared to waxing, so don ‘ T worry about that all right, so i just plugged it in it is not a wireless device. You do have to use it plugged in. However, the cord is super long, so that shouldn’t be a problem all right.

So here is my armpit all right and we’re. Just gonna go down the whole area that grows hair. So this button here you press it once and it will fire once. If you hold it, it will fire continuously after two seconds.

IPL Hair Removal Side Effects?

Now, like i said it is stubborn in the center, so right in this area. Here i’m gonna fire. It probably four times we’ll, see how much i can take, but this is when it gets a bit painful.

Okay, so we’ll go. This is the best we’re getting for the leg angle, so i find that the leg is actually the hardest area to do, just because it’s such a large area, and it does take a lot of time and right now In terms of my regrowth, i feel, like i frequently miss a strip along my shin, but anyway i’ll.

Just show you a little bit. If you can even see there’s, my leg um, so you should work from um. The bottom up so just fold and same thing: we’re just holding the device and slightly scooting up [ Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], and that’s.

That and i just go up and down the whole way around my leg. Okay, so now the moment we’ve been waiting for. I’m, going to talk about the results, so this product specifically suggests a 12-week treatment program which i have completed and they say after the 12-week program, you should see a significant reduction in hairs within the treated area.

✓ VEME Laser Epilator IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine With 500000 Pulse LCD Permanent Bikini Whole B

Any remaining hair should be finer and lighter in color, continued monthly treatments or treatments, as required, should maintain the reduction in unwanted hair um. So i think in total i’ve done probably at least 20 treatments, but i’ve at least completed the 12-week program, so we can see just my average results, so this is my leg prior to doing any of the ipl.

This is one week of growth, as you can see it’s fairly prickly. My hairs are on the darker side, um and then for me personally, this wouldn’t, be hair growth that i would be comfortable with say if i had to like throw on shorts or throw on a skirt.

This would be something i would be slightly self-conscious with now let’s. Look at my leg after ipl wow that’s, a big difference that is one week of growth, and you can see there on the side of my leg.

It’s, almost completely hairless, just on the top. You can see it’s, a little prickly still on top of my shin, but that’s kind of expected. The shin is kind of a rounded area: it’s harder to get like the full amount of light directed to it when you’re doing the treatment.

So i think that’s, pretty good yeah. So before before and after that’s, a significant difference, [, Music ], all right now let’s. Look at my armpits, alright! So these, oh, my god, okay, these are my armpits.

This is one week of growth um. So, as you can see, my armpit hair was quite dark, um quite dark and prickly, and you can also see there were some some little any of those like little red bumps that’s.

The result of ingrown hairs from shaving, so i used to get a lot of ingrown hairs, my bikini line and on my armpits um, and if this is one week of growth like those little red dots are left over from the previous week of shaving.

So um. I really didn’t like that. Now let’s. Look at my armpit! After doing the ipl whoa okay, this is a huge difference. Wow, i’m, even surprised, and it’s, my own armpit, but look at that. Okay, so this is my armpit.

After doing all the ipl that i have been doing, this is one week of growth that is crazy, like, as you can see like other than the center, which i already mentioned, was a pretty stubborn part other than the center.

It’s, almost all gone yeah. Look at look at that before and after wow [ Music ]. That’s. Amazing, i’m. I’m, really satisfied with that all right, and then i’m, going to talk about my bikini line, which i do not have pictures of because, but i hope you guys believe me.

Even if i don’t have pictures that the bikini area has been the most effective area in terms of my ipl treatment like even prior to completing the 12 week treatment program, i would say almost at four to six weeks, i almost had no Hair in the area that i treated, it was ridiculous, like in the other areas like my legs and my armpits, there’s almost like a thinning process in which, like the hair, slowly became thinner and then kind of just dissipated, um.

My bikini line has not been like that it’s like there was hair, and then i did ipl for like a few weeks and then there wasn’t hair like the results i’ve got from the bikini area. If you had told me that i would have had those results, i wouldn’t have even second guessed purchasing.

This thing like, if you told me in like 12 weeks, you will have no hair in the treated bikini area. I would have been sold that that’s really impressive to me all right, so those are my results. So now you are probably wondering like you know, are laser hair removal devices worth my money? Is it worth my time? Is it better than in clinic lasers? From my personal experience, i would answer yes to all of those questions like i purchased this for what 349 dollars, if i had been going to an in salon laser for the amount of time that i’ve, been using this based on the prices From my favorite salon, if i had 12 treatments on my underarms, my bikini line and my legs, i think that would be like upwards two thousand dollars.

I don’t know i’ll. Do the math here and you can see  right, so this is a crazy investment compared to that 349 dollars, and i can continue using this – i can use it whenever i want how much i want and as you’ve seen it Brought me super good positive results; okay, so that’s, the end of this review.

I hope it was helpful to you if you’re looking for alternative forms of hair removal devices, the new Belle Bella device I heard is quite something and works great with their “Smart Laser” technology. If you’re considering buying an ipl device, i hope i maybe convinced you to buy one and if not, you know, i hope this video was informative to you.


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