What’s up youtube it’s nui and for today’s video i’ll be reviewing another ipl hair removal device from an id shop and this is from skinnylodges.ph one of you guys actually recommended for me to try this one so it’s finally here the price is very competitive because the comparison say 5 000 now for a thousand but once again i’ve tried an ipl device before it from shopping and it did not work for me although murangasha it’s not really effective so for this product actually i’ll show you guys what’s inside so it comes with all of these of course so this ipl device comes with 993 nine hundred flashes so i am and then lito solid code engineer filter fan yeah and then also it has a razor and a hindi copa in i have my own and then thankfully luckily glass is not so that’s really nice and lastly it also has its own adapter that looks like this glass tool this one is actually pretty long so you don’t need to worry about a bathroom shadow it’s long i am lastly through this um box we also received a user’s manual so this user’s manual is very helpful and itunes suitable for skin color precautions instructions for use product parameters steps for usage also and literally a reference table for your treatment cycle uh if you have any problems with the product and determine the troubleshooting product maintenance and uh the operational considerations so everything is actually in here it’s very easy to use but once again we still have a lot of conditions that you need to follow before using the product it says here that before using the product of course and then after that your uh targeted area must be clean so no oil substance you don’t need to put anything at all whatsoever um just skip it okay and also aloe vera or any products before using the device it will actually not work and then after that you must clean the filter of this product so it don’t you filter yeah yeah and then also you need to clean the flash windows so you can actually eat the tama skin mode it’s a targeted area and then there you go you are now ready to plug it so once the device is locked and you make it your screen off you just need to press the power button and then yeah hold and press milan [Music] that means the same and it dies a level one so if you want to change that just click and press the power button one two three four five and then if you want to go back to number one press power button so currently since one month ganesha i’m gonna go nasa level five usually it in automatically what is automatic so when you click this one now press and hold the flashing number that means to say automatically so i don’t need to press anything but if you guys don’t want to use the automatic and go sing along in manual then a press and hold it and moa will lie on flash so that means to say in hindi you need to manually press this button right here just to give you guys a reference i’ll be showing the treatment cycle um and aluminum results for this device you can actually use this for your lip hair on baked hair by the hair of limbs hairline a forehead and also it has like suitable hair colors so poco de lancia uh black hair and for dark hair people so it’s not suitable for white gray golden hairs every time they got me thinning products [Music] and also for using this product i have my own routine once again um every night i am using this luxe organics intensive whitening underarm cream that ten percent the nice cinnamite it looks like this and medjool so every night naga skin and that is it just to share my own experience or personal experience from using this device i’ve used this 15 times now level level but level one nepal is a little after using the device i guess that’s like these one of these side effects maybe of this device and then these past few days hindi is still the same i think that is because [Music] of the target area so this device is very advisable if you’re gonna use it like small movements as much as possible um my target massaging bone area and a goose target to give you guys a quick view again and i do not know if you guys can notice that my hair pattern of course because but for this like area right here lesser same thing with this side so ditto i must last name ariana thinks the first month of using this device i can really tell naman na baba [Music] uh at least you can see some effects burying this is so brown surprise it’s just that a small progress so hopefully by um the third month of using this devices market results that is it for today’s video hopefully i gave some answers to your questions or maybe uh you know if you have more questions or some clarifications about this device let me know in the comments down below and i’ll try to answer them all once again if you guys want to check this out i will leave the link down below this is from an ig shop skinologist.ph and thank you for watching bye you

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