Rose Skin Co Review – Kenzzi Dupe? Laser Hair Removal AT HOME?!?!

what’s that did you miss me look at my hair curling by the way down here it’s because i was literally sweating on it my hair is a little crusty right now sorry i’m not looking as what am i looking that cute actually ever all the time today we’re going to be talking about something that i’m not sponsored for because i’m a nobody and nobody’s sponsoring me yet yet honey one day i’ll be something i’m just not famous yet but it’s coming i feel it i feel in the energy right the vibe says we’re gonna be talking about the rose skinco ipl at home laser device yes darling we’re going to be talking about this luxurious beautiful hair removal it took forever to get to my house so i ended up thinking that it like wasn’t gonna come ever but it ended up coming and i’ve been using it for about six weeks anyways before we get into the video why don’t you like this video and subscribe to my channel i am no one so please help me become someone because i have goals and dreams and ambitions and one of those is to be a youtuber and also a filmmaker actress and photographer so please subscribe to my channel thank you i would very much appreciate it i work full time i work very hard on these videos anyways let’s talk about rose can go i’m busted and i don’t know how to wrap this thing so i just shoved it in there but this is the device itself as i’m gonna be like a beauty person and i’m gonna talk about it like this this is the rose skin count isn’t it so cute it’s so cute you can see that this is like the actual light on it so ipl i know is different than laser laser is like one tiny little beam of light ipl is a broader ray of light i’m not an esthetician and i’m not a scientist i did work in skincare and i actually worked at a laser spa for a little while but yeah i don’t know how i got those jobs then it comes with a cord to plug it in so all you gotta do right is you plug in this guy but i’m bam and then you find a wall plug and you plug it in and then sorry my energy is very crack headed right now but i’m living for it um i think i’m tired i can’t tell though so i’ve been using this um for about six weeks and i i’m gonna say off the bat that i have noticed a difference let me go into a little bit of the history about my hair i am a hairy ass basically i’m a latina okay latina i said that in like the whitest way possible i am puerto rican and dominican my hair is thick it is coarse it is everywhere i have a mustache i almost have a unibrow or i did when i was younger i have like a few hairs that grow there it’s not that bad because when i pluck them they don’t really grow back um but i do have a mustache actually am i that hairy i don’t know if i’m actually that hairy or my hair is just thick i think i just have thick hair like thick coarse hair specifically on the bikini and legs area and underarms and that’s where i’m focusing my laser right now i started with my bikini line but i’m doing the brazilian now and i am doing my lower legs and i want to get that out of the way because the hair is thicker and then i’m going to do my upper legs when i shave my legs and my bikini area i am very very very prone to ingrown hairs i actually have what i think not diagnosed is a bit of folliculitis on my legs and or possibly keratosis polaris is i think i say that um this is self-diagnosing i’m not a doctor so this is probably wrong but maybe right i don’t know but i’ve seen pictures online and that’s what it looks like so that’s what i’m gonna say it may be so but i’m assuming it’s because i’m very very thick hair i also have very very dry skin i feel like the hair gets chopped under my skin pretty easily which can result in ingrowns and razor bumps and hyperpigmentation i get really bad hyper pigmentation um when i shave even when i wax and i used to wax in the past more so my bikini not really my legs i didn’t really care enough i hate waxing oh my god waxing if you can handle that girl good for you i like i am having flashbacks to waxing so yeah i would get like hyperpigmentation pretty bad and uh ingrown hairs bumps razor burn all the above all the that comes with being a woman and trying to get hairless and i got really frustrated with it yeah i got really frustrated with it and so i started to do laser hair removal in spa and i did uh i think like eight full sessions on my bikini area and none of my legs and it just got too expensive it got too expensive and it didn’t work it seemed like it was working like the hair fell out and it wasn’t really growing back and it grew back i think you have to do more i think my type of skin because i’m like kind of tan i don’t think i’ve come out as tan on video maybe because i overexpose my videos i don’t know but i’m like kind of tan like kind of like olivey color like neutral i’m just tan i’m tan i’m hispanic latina like i’m tan and soy basically i think i need more sessions and i have thick hair so i’m pretty sure i needed like 35 sessions of laser hair removal on my bikini but it just got very pricey i couldn’t pay anymore it was too expensive so i was like looking for another option i don’t want to lose your hair removal again in spa because i was like soy um i like started like looking online i was like there’s got to be a way to do laser hair removal at home so my sister ended up getting the kenzie device which i’m sure you’ve heard about everywhere because kenzie is like the really popular one but kenzie was like two three hundred dollars when i checked i was like i’m pulling out here i was like i’m sure there’s other ones out there so i was like trying to decide between the rose skin colon and like catch beauty and then ken’s kenzie and i’m not even gonna lie i’m gonna insert images here of what they all look like and the real skin color one in person looks like this they look the same and from what i can tell they are the same like my sister when i got mine she was like that’s literally the same as my kenzie one but this one was i got it i think on i think it was like there was a discount code and i think i only got it for like 70 bucks or 60 bucks or something like that which is way cheaper than the kenzie one i ended up going with this because it was a cheaper option than like going in spa for laser sessions i just i was like not trying to spend that coin cyst on laser sessions all the time and i didn’t know how many i needed i don’t know how long i’m gonna need this for but like 70 bucks versus what i was like paying for like those sessions i think i ended up paying like a few hundred for my laser sessions and uh girl i couldn’t i’m like dude it’s just not gonna work so i was like let me give ipl a try and i will say it’s been working i’m not even like making this up like i said i’m not sponsored i’m literally a nobody i bought this with my own coin okay my own coin that could have been going through my credit cards it went through to this because i value my grooming i do i value my hygiene i value my grooming it’s working i think so i will insert before or like images like i took some of these before i or like after i shaved but you can see that i have a lot of hyper pigmentation i only do my light because i’m not going to be putting pictures in my hoop on the internet but you can see that i have hyperpigmentation i have ingrown hairs like strawberry legs that’s what it’s called strawberry like i have strawberry legs it’s annoying you know when girls shave their legs and it’s just like smooth and like one tone just nice nope not this not this hoe my legs are all like i scrub you i moisturize you i drink water internally for you you’re gonna do that to me okay you’re gonna get zapped someone’s coming downstairs i didn’t cut in my video because i’m recording in my sister’s house and i don’t think anyone knows a girl’s gotta do what she’s gonna do okay so basically um i’ve noticed a huge difference my leg hair has not stopped growing it’s still growing but way way slower my underarms i would say are taking a little bit longer to see results i don’t have photos of them i really should have took photos of them but i also started them a lot later i started my lower legs first and then i started my bikini line like this on the third week so i’ve only been like three weeks really into my bikini line and underarms and then like only like two weeks actually into my brazilian well my brazilian because i didn’t do like the whole resilient um before but yeah i it’s i’ve i’m seeing results though even like on the brazilian which i’ve only been doing for two weeks i would notice like it’s getting like the hair is growing a lot slower i know some people have seen results with like hyperpigmentation on their um body because the ipl apparently is supposed to be really good at lightening hyperpigmentation i haven’t seen anything crazy as far as like lightening the hyperpigmentation on my legs um i’m hoping though because i also have it on my bikini line because i get ingrowns there like all the time like sucks dude it sucks it’s really embarrassing it’s like wear a bikini and then you just have ingrown hairs and hyperpigmentation from them it’s like why are you looking crusty like can i be sexy thank you but as far as the hair growth i’m noticing a bigger reduction and what that means is that though my hyperpigmentation might take some time to fade maybe the ipl won’t do it i do use some serums on there it will fade over time and i think it will result in a lot less hyperpigmentation in the future because i’ll have to shave a lot less because the hair is taking so long to grow back i’m really hoping this will result in permanent hair removal but the results i have so far i am pretty satisfied with i want to like i said do another 12 week update my kp or hyperpigmentation or whatever the hell it is it’s still there um i’m exfoliating i’m moisturizing i’m using my serums trying the best i can and i’m hoping that with continual use of this it’ll lighten those areas and just even out the skin tone a little bit let’s talk about pain this thing it hurts i’m not gonna lie um if you’ve waxed you can handle this with no problem especially if you’ve used soft wax with strips you can handle this with no problem i’m telling you sis you got it or bro if you’re using it or my non-binary friends if you’re using it you can handle this if you’ve gotten waxed you can handle this with no problem especially in your nether regions you can handle this with no problem it’s gonna be painful if you’ve never waxed if you’ve never lasered you and it depends on your pain tolerance i have a pretty high pain tolerance i only have two tattoos on my shoulder blades but i didn’t really feel pain with those i think the worst pain i’ve ever felt was waxing my hoo-ha that to me is like a 20 and this is maybe like uh maybe like a seven i would say on like one to twenty to me but also i feel like i don’t know if i think challenge is high i don’t know what it is maybe it’s like medium high whatever um to me it doesn’t hurt that bad it does hurt like sometimes if i zap especially on my who hot and it’s not like a specific area i’m like ow stop i what i do is i try to exfoliate a few days before and then the day of i’ll shave like fresh shave make sure you lather really well because you can’t laser over broken skin i will go on bare skin and i will zap away and i’m going to do a little bit of a demonstration on how i do that so this is how i basically laser with the real skin color you can see this is device plugged in that little back button you press that and then it turns on when it’s not blinking it’s on and you’ll see these little lights come up then you press that back button again and you can raise up the levels up to level five five being the most painful one being the least painful i like to go at a five because i can handle it and it doesn’t bother me so this is me pushing on the button and as you can see it wasn’t firing off you have to hold it against your skin for it to flash so like here and then all i do is i press the button and i kind of go down my legs you can hold the button down and it’ll flash for you but i like to just press it and just make sure you’re holding it really tight against your skin for it to fire off so you won’t blind anyone if you don’t so yeah overall i would say that this device is worth it in my opinion i really really like it i’m going to continue using it i’m noticing the thinning out of my leg hair also my underarms i feel like we’re getting a bit thinner too as far as the hair goes um i think a 12 week update on all at least when everything hits like the minimum of 12 weeks i’ll update you guys again but as far as it goes now i really like it it’s like i got this on i’m sure you can find a discount code somewhere on the internet i’m almost positive i found one i’m also a coupon code queen because priorities and yeah it’s really really great but yeah i would say try it out i don’t think it’s too expensive if you don’t have the money for it i totally understand girl razors are your best friend or we’re my best friend and kind of still are and yeah so uh that sums up this video that sums up my review of the rose skin co laser hammer mobile device ipl well ipl is a ipl device whatever um thank you so much for watching i hope it gave you some insight if you wanted to purchase the advice and yeah make sure you like this video make sure you subscribe to my channel make sure you support this hell out because she has goals and thank you so much for being here i do appreciate you guys watching my videos it means a lot to me especially because i do work full-time job i don’t have time and i make time for this because i am passionate about it so thank you so much i will see you in the next video goodbye [Music] [Music]

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