It’s changed my life well hang on we’ve always been a hairy gale my moustache grows for England Team GB moustache Olympics hi everyone I really hope you’re doing well so today I’m actually coming back at you with a video that has genuinely been quite highly requested that’s a big deal for me because I think this is the first video that anyone actually like asked for and more than one person has actually asked for it so I think I’ve hit the big time let’s see on the 8th September and nearly two months ago now I uploaded laser hair removal at home it was a review of the Bron silk expert Pro 5 which I conveniently housed here if you haven’t watched that video I would really recommend watching that first because I did a full demonstration showed you how I use it I showed you my like three weeks in progress yeah I think it’s quite a good one to watch and then come back [Music] I have been using it for I think a few weeks out of the 12-week course that you are meant to compete to sort of get the intended result I am now well past that I think I’m at like 14 weeks and I’ve finished 12 weeks and I think I did a 13th week just because I was like last – sure why not yes so I’m now out the other side and I thought I would show you kind of where I’m at now so how much that video I basically had focused on my legs and my armpits those are like the two places that I’ve always kind of wanted to definitely get kind of sorted I said in my last video I’m a hairy hairy little which I think many people are I know I’m not gonna like shy away everyone got body hair you know some people are very lucky but majority are no strangers to body had I guess shall I just show you the result pictures I meant to build tension probably but here you go so I’ll do my final thoughts but I’ll go in body review the good one me legs my legs I honestly could not be happier with I have a video it’s not the best video but this is after so last week I did it and then this is 7 days growth well as you can see there is no growth apart from the very occasional hair like literally a one-off hair there is absolutely no growth which is just amazing honestly it’s changed my life like I just do not need to worry it doesn’t matter what I wear you know sometimes it’s a well-known thing isn’t it oh I can’t wear that skirt today she likes that just doesn’t end in my mind anymore and it is the greatest thing that alone I think makes this product worth it the fact it honestly just worked wonders for my legs not like I’ve got like really fine hair anything either I have really thick quite coarse hair and it’s exact it any hair that does grow is so much finer even if it doesn’t get rid of it it is going to immediately sort of reduce the thickness of the follicle I guess and that in itself is just amazing because even if I’ve left it like a little bit longer than we call like two weeks it might grow but it’s not like visible hair it’s really weird it’s only if you were sort of right up close and personal which how often are you then you can like see almost like invisible hair it’s really weird but amazing so yes my legs have been a massive success massive success I literally have no complaints about those I have a slightly different story with my armpits in the last video it was thought the same thing my legs were going absolutely fabulously obviously I have plenty weeks left but I could see progress with my armpits I was seeing like a little bit like patchiness but there was a reduction in thickness and amount of hair to be honest at the end I’m kind of at a similar spot I don’t know what I’ve done if I’ve done anything wrong a big one also is that my left armpit has been a lot more successful than my right armpit please let me know if anyone is kind of clued up on this why that might be that would be like really interesting because this one is considerably less hairy what I will say the same thing has happened in that the hair itself is a lot less thick so that is really good but if you’re buying this thinking that you are literally going to have like ball barn pits forever if you do like the 12-week course then that is like not going to be the case well hang on everyone is different so I can’t say that but for me personally it hasn’t absolutely like banished her from my armpit yet it might be a longer process and you know as I continue to do it I’m debating whether to continue like a weekly lap of the armpit because once you finished the 12 weeks you should be able to go to doing it once every four weeks or once every six weeks which is obviously brilliant and it’s you know less intrusive on your life you know not that it takes a really long time but it just good that you no longer have to kind of keep track every week again if you’re clued up on this would it be bad if I just kept going with the week clean on my armpit I don’t see how it would be bad so I might do a little bit of research and I’ll put it here if you can’t do that or not I still think it’s been successful on my armpit but not to the extent of my legs where I am literally like buzzing meat it’s off how well it’s gone in my last video I answered the inevitable question of pain has the pain changed since then not really it very much varies from time to time someone did a very helpful comment on how I manage the pain saying that taking paracetamol before you do it would really help and I actually did test that theory and it did work which I was really really surprised but I don’t know if it was a fluke because I don’t know what it is but the pain does vary I do find that some days it stings so much more and I’m not sure on the science behind that so if you are a bit worried about the pain then knowing that you can take paracetamol and it should sort of ease that initial sting I find to be a very settling I talk way more about pain in my last video so as I say deep in a wall I’ve kind of had two different experiences but for me it’s still worth buying the product I now two weeks in on my mustache area and I must say the first week nothing but you aren’t gonna get no results really I would say it’s growing back slower on the second week so that is really exciting because my moustache grows for England Team GB moustache Olympics let’s see how that goes I’m basically making me wear around my body I might want like me arms I’ve always been like a hairy girl like it always been a hairy girl like hariom type of girl but I shaved them so yeah if I could get like some old ass bones I am sorry for lying again sorry my skin tone is not white like this it’s close but it’s not that so now I feel like this is all I’m gonna document on kind of the pit and leg journey I’ll answer any questions you have down below regarding them if you want another IPL video because it was an expensive piece of kit so I definitely want a kind of like make use of it if anyone wants me to just kind of every now and then do a video on how everything’s go in then I’m very up for that like journey ten out of ten so happy with it armpit journey I feel isn’t quite over yet but as of right now I’m gonna say a seven point six I feel like they’re kind like three-quarters of the way there and a little bit I’m just very confused by how different each pit is have I like done this one like really badly I don’t know let me know down below please but that is it for today quite a short video but I hope I’ve answered any Asians as I say put them down below and I will really happy get into anything or you if you really enjoyed this video then please take it a like down below I would really appreciate your support subscribe if you are new to my channel so that you can’t miss any new videos from me as I say if you want any more IPL content let me know and you can be the first to see it have a lovely rest of your day and I will see [Music]

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