Hey guys welcome back to my channel or hello if you are new here any little background leave a comment let me know how you feel about it so if you are the title you might have already guessed this is a video all about hair removal specifically IPL maybe you are stuck there and you’re thinking what is IPL and we’ve got a review of the Philips Lumiere prestige IPL which is an amazing little product so today sit down maybe you want to prep for summer I know that the reason that I started using this is because I’m prepping the summer or maybe you’re looking for a more long-lasting a form of hair removal you want comfortable hair removal at home or maybe you’re just like what is hair removal how on earth do you use IPL maybe you want to understand the treatment plan a bit more I’m here to kind of help you with that because I was confused as well and I think this video will help you so sit down get cozy and last chap so let’s start by talking about the different types of hair removal I mean the dream is to have long lasting hair removal that’s easy and comfortable at home and doesn’t hurt I’d actually be really interested few days to comment below and let me know what kind of hair removal you do use so I’ve shaved my whole life I think I’m a queen to that I’m a slave to the razor like it always bought razors and you know what I don’t have a problem with razors I think they’re great they’re quick apart from the time when I used a trusty one and gave myself a Gemini skin infection but that’s a whole nother story and that’s not the razors fault that’s actually my fault guys behind you Nick clean your razors please I remember when my mum bought me a shaver like an actual electric shaver that you press and I guess I never so scared I held it and I was like oh my goodness this is gonna cut me it didn’t it was fine it’s kind of scary scene like this blade going toward you and you’re like whoa like saying I have done on my legs and I have done my boyfriends legs he was like it didn’t even hurt I actually got a kick out of having my eyebrows waxed anyone else but I don’t know waxing for me I don’t want to let my hair’s grow for ages and ages and then I don’t really like the pain I would much rather just shave it home and do it quickly my friends have started to do laser and this is something that doesn’t appeal to me because I’m petrified because with lazy you have to continue to keep going back to a salon who has the time for that and apparently it really hurts so that then brings me on to the IPL which does not hurt at all and to be honest in the past I’ve been put off IPL because I wasn’t really educated on it I didn’t know how easy it was I was a little bit scared I just didn’t any understand the treatment plan and that’s also another reason why I wanted to do this video so for those of you that don’t know what IPL is it’s Suns the intense pulsed light and it’s the home use so my mom was really excited when this arrived she was like can I use it it is a one-off investment which is really good it basically breaks the cycle of hair regrowth and it means that you can be hair free for up to six months which is great if you have someone holidays coming up unlike me you want to be smooth like a dolphin so let’s talk about the treatment plan because if I’m honest the word treatment plan and the idea of a treatment plan did kind of put me off IPL I was like what it’s a treatment plan no no it’s super super super easy and what I learned about it I was like why have I been wasting all of these years continually and going through the pain of waxing so basically the way it works is you need to shave your skin first so me my slave for the razor I get my razor out shave my underarms bikini line legs whatever you want shave all you can wax but if you are gonna wax before using IPL you should probably do that one to two days before just so your skin’s not chance to recover but I personally shaved so I just shaved and then I won’t want to use the IPL you basically use the device every two weeks and then total you use it four times in 8 weeks I know genius I expected that I’d be using it everyday I expected that I’d be packing it in my gym bag no no no so after the initial six weeks that is a study that says that 90% of a hair removal is already done she just do a top-up every month and then you should be six months half free and it’s great if you’re someone that’s busy maybe someone that’s a bit lazy who has the time to do it every single day I do not it’s great because really you’re not using it that much and it shows how quick and how effective it really is this is what I was taught about IPL and honestly I was really impressed because I just thought it was going to be a bit of a pain of ever hustle and I will be completely honest and say that in the past I have looked at IPL removal devices and what I’ve spoken to people about it this is more advanced so the IPL removal devices that I was used to back in the day they they weren’t as advanced as now obviously technology is changing every day so this is like a super device I think it’s time I actually open the box don’t you guys think but I really wanted to start the video by actually talking to you about what IPL was and explaining why I was a bit confused with it to begin with and why honestly it’s a lot better now and all of the different shaving things and the hair removal and everything so it’s like Christmas unboxing with M here we go so here it is and can I just say my mum was very excited when I first unbox this I packaged it up nicely so that you guys can see it for this video but I have obviously used it also guys this is a world’s first IPL with curved attachments which is awesome so let’s get inside so here it is in all its glory the philips lumia prestige not only is it mighty it’s pretty as well i love the color of them it feels really well built it’s very sturdy you can tell there’s full of good stuff and it’s the first ever IPL in the world with curved attachments which is awesome so let me just show you you basically gap attachments with it so you’ve got one attachment that’s for the body and they have little pitch songs so you can see where it’s for when it’s for the face one that’s for the underarms and the bikini line and I think that’s awesome because again to be completely honest I was always scared of using something like this on my underarms I was like how it’s a machine but with these little attachments it makes it so much easier and obviously you can use on your face too which is awesome what’s great is it’s got a cordless feature so you can use it with or without the cord which is so good you could even just sit and watch Coronation Street or Netflix whilst you are doing your hair removal this thing that I like the best about it is inside the box you’ve got a little information booklet that literally tells you everything you need to know she says it and then she’s like where I hidden it is in here it basically tells you everything you need to know and I found it so handy because it even has a color chart and everything and it works on most hair colors and skin colors but this is your best friend this will tell you everything and it’s so good and I never read instruction manuals I am that person that literally watches a YouTube video I just opens it and does it but this is great because it tells you everything and it’s a really easy to use instruction manual so I found that really handy so you do get everything you need with it they also have the Philips Lumiere app which is so cool it’s basically a coaching app and it gives you a personalized treatment schedules and even reminders which is very cool very high-tech from Philips I’m impressed with that so shall we show you how it works now yeah I think we should let’s do this it’s super easy to get started with a Philips Lumiere because it has a summation future called the smart skin sensor all you have to do is press this little magnifying glass button and it will auto detect the best setting for your skin tone it has a memory chip built-in as well so every time you use it it remembers the setting so for example it could be a different setting for your underarms or your bikini line and it remembers that I don’t remember anything after even three seconds so that was pretty smart so now I’m going to show you how to use it because I know that people likes going YouTube and type in how do I actually use this and see someone using it so I’m going to show you the correct way to use it show you easy s so under the arms guys have a so flattering I’m just gonna search from my skin tone under there there we go number five then press the little tip we’re good to go so let’s get going with the underarms obviously doing this in a mirror is a lot easier hmm okay no discomfort at all and the curve attachment makes this super easy of actually super smooth to do this and the ulnar on space is so small so it’s really quick as well you just glide it up and then press the trigger and it’s just so quick I’ll show you again on this bet so you press down you glide up and then you just press and off it goes just wait for the light to say that it’s ready it’s super easy cuz it kind of guides you through anyway and like I say it really doesn’t hurt it just feels a bit warm but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all just do this whilst you’re watching the TV so I hope I’m showing you how easy it is how quick it is I was actually really really impressed with how quick it was cuz I just was expecting it to be a bit of a faff to be honest so I have now used this four times over an eight week period so far so good no pain it I was shocked because I didn’t expect it to her and it didn’t I was like this is crazy every time I’ve spoken to people about it and I’ve told them that I started using it they’re like does it hurt and I might no and I think that’s the most common question does it hurt but it doesn’t it doesn’t feel like anything it’s just like ding I’m done it doesn’t burn it’s not like an appellate to the kind of polls and it’s not like shaving where you can sometimes make yourself it literally is just a lite so hope that answers those questions as well but as always leave any other questions you may have below so what are you gonna do now I basically I’m gonna keep topping it up every single month summit is around the corner this girl is gonna be a smooth dolphin so I’ll let you know if you follow me on Instagram I’ll give a few updates and let you know how I’m getting on after the next few months as well but so far so good I would say yeah like the trial stays all tonight you said that my hair has gone and I’m loving it I feel a lot more confident particularly at the gym because I always have my arms and I know that harami well isn’t that everyone but for me personally I just felt a lot more confident with it off underneath my arms and it’s great that the attachment works so well under the arms because I even find shaving quite difficult under my arms in front of like hello and this was just so easy so I really hope this videos helped guys hope you liked it everything will be linked below and do let me know your thoughts on hair removal I’d love to chat bye guys

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