Unboxing my new IPL hair removal home device🎁 Listen to some useful Tips❗️

Unboxing my new IPL hair removal home device

I’ve just received my new ipl head removal device let’s do the unboxing together actually i’m using the ipl method for quite a long time and i have tremendous results i’ve done a quite extensive research in order to find the right apl home device from amazon i have added some of these ipl home devices at my amazon page where i share with you all my favorite items all the necessary accessories in order to use it safely at home are included in the box except for the special gel please order it separately i would like to share with you some quick tips save the area in order to remove the hair at least the day prior to the treatment do not shave your face use the scissors in order to cut the hair wash the area prior to the application but do not apply on any crimp apply the special gel prior to the application put on the special sunglasses in order to protect your eyes from the ipl light apply some pharmaceutical cream after the treatment but do not wash the area with soap for at least three hours stay away from the sun or more specifically protect the application area from the sun for at least five days leave at least four weeks apart from its treatment visit my amazon page to check out my favorite items best of luck i’m sure you will have great results

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